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Aren’t you tired of reading and writing about any number of social issues, injustices, and downright atrocities all around the world and yet nothing changes? So many people for so long have tried to bring about change by commenting on the issues and hoping for some action, but rarely does anything significant ever happen as a result!
Our Nutopia Project is all about designing and building an alternative system to the broken and corrupt one we have today, and focusing all our efforts on the solution instead of the futile bickering with bigots and naysayers and trying to get the attention of the powerful few who want nothing more than to keep the status quo.
We have a vision (of course a naïve one to many who can’t or refuse to see the world other than through the lens of today) for a better life for all people, and we are attempting to mobilize the global population, many of whom are disaffected, poor, or persecuted people living a nightmare in the crazy and unfair world we live in today, and to channel their collective effort to bring about real and lasting change.
Please take a look around our web site to get a sense for what we are trying to do. We have only just started and we may all be dreamers or crackpots with pipedreams, but maybe, just maybe, this could be the start of something to truly change the system before it is too late for us, our children, and our planet.
Please contact us or email us if you would like to hear more about how you can help.
Thank you for your time!


Guardian System

Central control system

The Guardian System is the technology at the very heart of Nutopia. It is the only computer system in the community and it is comprised of the following components:

Central Computer Facility

Each Nutopia community has a central computer facility where the GS is running and all Nutopia computer facilities are connected together. All hardware, software, and data storage is located in the facility. All data is stored encrypted in a secure data center which is part of the overall facility.

Connected Devices

Every device in the community is connected to the GS. Portable Access Devices, Static Access Devices, CCTV devices, cameras, controllers, sensors, and all other input and output devices connect to the GS wirelessly or wired. All these devices are limited to input and output functionality and do not have any software or local data storage because all the computing is done within the GS. So for example a camera is simply a device for capturing photographic images, video, and audio, but the user interface of the camera is just a window on to the camera software running on the GS. The buttons on the camera control the software running on the GS and the image, video, and audio data is stored directly in the GS. Similarly, if someone is editing a document on a Static Access Device then the device is simply a window on to the software running on the GS and the document is stored in the GS data center. Someone watching a movie on a display device is also just windowing on to a server in the GS.

Communications Network

Every room in every building, and every section of the transportation system (the Above Ground Pod Network, the Under Ground Pod Network, and the Path Network) have wired and wireless connectivity so that Static Access Devices and Portable Access Devices respectively can communicate with the GS.


All data from the entire community is encrypted and stored in the GS data center. The GS uses all the data to maximize the efficiency of the overall system, and to ensure that all systems are functioning correctly. All citizens can keep private digital information (such as photos, videos, documents, etc.) in their personal secure data area in the GS which no one else can access unless they grant them permission to access it.


Everything everywhere in a Nutopia community is captured on CCTV cameras all the time. This includes all rooms in homes and offices, pods on the transportation systems, all sections of the Path Network, and all public places such as restaurants and parks. All the data is stored securely in the GS and cannot be accessed by anyone unless a Case is opened which requires the video footage to be scrutinized. A process is in place which means that only authorized participants in the Case can see the material and once the Case is closed the access to the material is once again restricted.

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