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Aren’t you tired of reading and writing about any number of social issues, injustices, and downright atrocities all around the world and yet nothing changes? So many people for so long have tried to bring about change by commenting on the issues and hoping for some action, but rarely does anything significant ever happen as a result!
Our Nutopia Project is all about designing and building an alternative system to the broken and corrupt one we have today, and focusing all our efforts on the solution instead of the futile bickering with bigots and naysayers and trying to get the attention of the powerful few who want nothing more than to keep the status quo.
We have a vision (of course a naïve one to many who can’t or refuse to see the world other than through the lens of today) for a better life for all people, and we are attempting to mobilize the global population, many of whom are disaffected, poor, or persecuted people living a nightmare in the crazy and unfair world we live in today, and to channel their collective effort to bring about real and lasting change.
Please take a look around our web site to get a sense for what we are trying to do. We have only just started and we may all be dreamers or crackpots with pipedreams, but maybe, just maybe, this could be the start of something to truly change the system before it is too late for us, our children, and our planet.
Please contact us or email us if you would like to hear more about how you can help.
Thank you for your time!


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 Frequently Asked Questions

Won't it take too long to transition from the current way we live to a Nutopia world?
Building a Nutopia community in isolation away from the distractions, politics, corruption, and power in our capitalist world, means that we can rapidly build a working model. Once a working model has been put through its paces and has proved that there is a much better way for us to live, there will be no stopping its momentum. More and more people will see it, more and more people will want it, and more and more people will make the easy decision to leave the struggle of the world they live in today, and choose to live in a stress-free Nutopia community. Nutopia communities will start popping up all around the world and the pace of change from the doomed old world to the new sustainable world will grow exponentially.
Didn't John Lennon and Yoko Ono create Nutopia?
Yes, back in 1973, music legend John Lennon and Yoko Ono created Nutopia. It was a vision for a conceptual country which inspired their song “Imagine”. We reached out to Yoko Ono to embrace and support the Nutopia project and we are still hopeful that she will respond, because we believe that many of our goals are in line with their original vision.
Isn't the building of Nutopia communities and the dismantling of our existing societies a bit drastic?
The trouble is that our current societies are governed by often corrupt leaders who are at best only concerned about their reelection not the long term future of people or the planet, and at worst are under the influence of big business and corporations who are only interested in making a profit and financial gain. To make the changes we need to reverse climate change and to preserve our natural resources will be utterly impossible with such an entrenched system. Nutopia allows us to build a new model society in isolation from the power and influence of those that want to preserve the status quo. Nutopia communities are designed to use entirely clean energy to prevent climate change from carbon emissions, to use natural resources in a sustainable way, and to stabilize the human population, which addresses the 3 most dangerous threats to our very existence. Our current societies use carbon fuels with high emissions, consume our natural resources as if they were endless, and we have no control over the human population. Our current towns and cities are made up of crumbling infrastructure with buildings made to last only decades, with energy inefficient appliances, and leaky pipes and poorly insulated buildings. As each Nutopia society is created we will have a huge amount of available human labor to recycle the materials in our existing infrastructure and restore land to its former natural glory.