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Aren’t you tired of reading and writing about any number of social issues, injustices, and downright atrocities all around the world and yet nothing changes? So many people for so long have tried to bring about change by commenting on the issues and hoping for some action, but rarely does anything significant ever happen as a result!
Our Nutopia Project is all about designing and building an alternative system to the broken and corrupt one we have today, and focusing all our efforts on the solution instead of the futile bickering with bigots and naysayers and trying to get the attention of the powerful few who want nothing more than to keep the status quo.
We have a vision (of course a naïve one to many who can’t or refuse to see the world other than through the lens of today) for a better life for all people, and we are attempting to mobilize the global population, many of whom are disaffected, poor, or persecuted people living a nightmare in the crazy and unfair world we live in today, and to channel their collective effort to bring about real and lasting change.
Please take a look around our web site to get a sense for what we are trying to do. We have only just started and we may all be dreamers or crackpots with pipedreams, but maybe, just maybe, this could be the start of something to truly change the system before it is too late for us, our children, and our planet.
Please contact us or email us if you would like to hear more about how you can help.
Thank you for your time!


Comprehensive Healthcare

Citizens of Nutopia are very healthy but also have full access to healthcare when needed

In the United States, healthcare is a very controversial issue, with one side claiming it is a right and the other side claiming it is a privilege. Many people don’t get healthcare because they don’t have medical insurance coverage, and the priorities in healthcare are largely dominated by money and finance rather than providing appropriate care to the population. There are so many problems with the healthcare system and it is so complex that it is a huge and costly sector of our society. The healthcare system is so big and demands so much of our resources and labor, largely because we have an unhealthy population due to poor diet, lack of exercise, poisons in our food, pollution, tobacco use, substance abuse, alcoholism, dependency on pharmaceuticals, and numerous other conditions we have brought upon ourselves. The bloated healthcare system is a consequence of having such an unhealthy population and being controlled by a giant bureaucracy with a massive administrative overhead focused on managing the finances of the system.

Nutopia focuses first and foremost on keeping its citizens healthy, because preventative care requires significantly less resources to maintain than an unhealthy population. A number of measures are taken to ensure optimum health for citizens in Nutopia:

  • No tobacco use.
  • No harmful drugs or substances.
  • Limits on alcohol consumption.
  • No poisons in food.
  • Balanced meals offered to encourage healthy diet.
  • Comprehensive preventative healthcare.
  • Abundant access to leisure activities for increased exercise.
  • No environmental hazards.
  • No injuries from automobile accidents.
  • No injuries from fires or other consequences of poorly designed buildings.

The number of labor resources required for healthcare in a Nutopia community is low not because its size is restricted and it fails to meet the needs of the citizens, but because the demand for care is greatly reduced because of the preventative measures taken. Comprehensive preventative healthcare, increased health through proper nutrition, the absence of tobacco, the absence of harmful drugs, the absence of alcohol abuse, the absence of automotive accidents, the absence of injuries from fire and other causes due to poor construction of buildings, and the absence of obesity caused by poor diet and lack of exercise, all significantly reduce the requirement for healthcare. As with every other sector in the Nutopia community, the number of resources and the labor used for healthcare is carefully calculated so that the right amount is allocated for the actual demand for care.

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