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Aren’t you tired of reading and writing about any number of social issues, injustices, and downright atrocities all around the world and yet nothing changes? So many people for so long have tried to bring about change by commenting on the issues and hoping for some action, but rarely does anything significant ever happen as a result!
Our Nutopia Project is all about designing and building an alternative system to the broken and corrupt one we have today, and focusing all our efforts on the solution instead of the futile bickering with bigots and naysayers and trying to get the attention of the powerful few who want nothing more than to keep the status quo.
We have a vision (of course a naïve one to many who can’t or refuse to see the world other than through the lens of today) for a better life for all people, and we are attempting to mobilize the global population, many of whom are disaffected, poor, or persecuted people living a nightmare in the crazy and unfair world we live in today, and to channel their collective effort to bring about real and lasting change.
Please take a look around our web site to get a sense for what we are trying to do. We have only just started and we may all be dreamers or crackpots with pipedreams, but maybe, just maybe, this could be the start of something to truly change the system before it is too late for us, our children, and our planet.
Please contact us or email us if you would like to hear more about how you can help.
Thank you for your time!



Building the community

The advantage of building new Nutopia communities initially is that we can take the very best of our technology today and use it to create new infrastructure without having to work around existing structures and systems that are obsolete or dated or based on technology from decades ago. Once new Nutopia communities have demonstrated the concept and achieved their goals, existing communities can transition to the Nutopia model.

Nutopia communities are built to last not with the short term thinking that has guided the building of our towns, cities, and transportation networks until now. Planning based on short term budgets produces waste and inefficiency which makes no sense at all. We have to build our civilization in a sustainable way to preserve the environment and the natural resources that are essential for our long term survival. All the crucial components of the Nutopia community such as buildings, transportation networks, power supply, water supply, waste disposal, and communications networks, are all built to last for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years and to require very little maintenance.

Homes are "right-sized" so that individuals and families live in comfortable spaces that fit with the needs of the occupants, instead of overcrowded housing units and over-sized mansions. Nutopia communities are built to serve the needs of the people, instead of for continual economic growth, so huge office buildings with empty spaces and large manufacturing buildings are not part of the landscape. Nutopia communities are designed so that neighborhoods and apartment buildings have easy access to parks and centers where people gather for leisure pursuits, dining, sports, arts and crafts, and other community activities.

Nutopia communities are built for a finite number of people. Different Nutopia communities may vary in size but each one is designed from the outset so that a specific number of people can be supported by the infrastructure. The number of citizens in a Nutopia community may fluctuate slightly up or down as the fertility rate changes or as people move between different Nutopia communities, but the Core Principle of Population Stabilization in Nutopia means that once created, a Nutopia community is not expanded. This means that the design of the Nutopia community is always optimal for the number of people living there. As more and more people embrace Nutopia then more and more Nutopia communities are created but existing ones are left alone when they are completed other than continual maintenance.

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